Often seen guarding establishments and sacred spaces, these guardian lions represent fortune and balance.
The male lion (often seen with a ball in his mouth) symbolizes intensity and grit, with the ball in the lion’s mouth representing the world that belongs to “he who struggles and perseveres”. Grit and success as the symbolic meaning would have it.
I carved a skull in the place of the ball as a reminder than one day we’ll all be gone. This isn’t a morbid reminder of our impending doom, but rather a reminder to hold ourselves responsible for the meaning we put in our lives.

A sculpted Fu dog ring in mixed materials –

A face made of silicon bronze and sterling silver eyes mounted on a sterling silver base carved with a chiseled slate texture.
A silicon bronze – silver braze wire twist Mokume Gane inlay set into the gap between the sterling silver ring base textures.

*This ring comes in 3 available sizes (ring size 8, 9, & 10) that are ready to ship! Feel free to contact me for custom sizes! 

Carved by knife maker Sean Alonzo – Sean makes one-of-a-kind chef knives, mixing his love for highly detailed sculpture and fully functional art. You can find more of his work over at 
@baleteblades (chef knives)
@seanalonzo.studio (sculptures)